TransCanada’s Cameron Access improvements include a new compressor station and an additional 27 miles of pipeline in Southwest Louisiana.  TransCanada image.

Cameron Access pipeline improvements valued at US$300 million

On Wednesday, TransCanada announced the completion of the Cameron Access pipeline improvement project in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.  The bi-directional pipeline carries natural gas to the Cameron LNG export facility.

The improvements to the existing pipeline included the construction of a new compressor station and the addition of 27 miles of 36-inch diameter greenfield pipeline.

TransCanada says the project cost about US$300 million and the pipeline is now capable of transporting 800,000 dekatherms a day to Cameron LNG export facility which is currently under construction and is scheduled to be complete at the end of next year.

“The completion of Cameron Access creates significant value for our customers by providing additional connectivity for their domestically produced natural gas to the high-value U.S. Gulf Coast LNG export market,” said Stanley Chapman III, TransCanada’s Executive Vice President and President, U.S. Natural Gas Pipelines.

Chapman added Cameron Access will help cut global carbon emissions because customers in emerging markets will be able to switch from coal to cleaner burning  natural gas to generate electricity.

In a press release, TransCanada says during construction it worked closely with landowners and local officials to ensure they were involved in the process.

“Cameron Access was designed and constructed with a core focus on safety and minimizing environmental impact,” TransCanada said in the release.