On Friday, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi (centre) said his country will soon launch policy which will help boost production and use of electric vehicles and vehicles powered by alternative fuels.  Narendra Modi Twitter photo.

PM looks to drive investment in electric vehicle manufacturing, batteries, smart charging

India’s prime minister says his country will soon embark on policy designed to boost the production of electric vehicles and the use of alternative fuels.

Speaking at the Global Mobility Summit in Delhi on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said as the world’s third largest consumer of crude oil, India is looking to save money and clean up its environment.

“Clean mobility powered by clean energy is our most powerful weapon in our fight against climate change,” Modi said at the industry event. “We should champion the idea of ‘clean kilometres’.”

According to Modi, there is no timeline for the new plan, but the “policies will be designed as a win-win for all, and enable huge opportunities in the automotive sector”.

The Indian government will focus on electric vehicles and other vehicles that run on alternate fuels.  New policies will encourage vehicle and component manufacturers to increase their production and sales of EVs, bio-diesel and CNG vehicles.

India has pledged to convert its entire vehicle fleet to electric by 2030.  Currently, India is hoping to convert at least 15 per cent of total vehicle sales to electric in the next five years.

“Electric Vehicles in particular can complement our investments in renewable energy,” said Modi.  “We will do whatever it takes, because this is our commitment to our heritage, and our promise to future generations ”

At the summit, Modi also said India can be the world leader in the ‘Mobility Revolution”, arguing that growth in the mobility sector will help boost India’s growing economy.

“Charged mobility is the way forward. We want to drive investments across the value chain from batteries to smart charging to electric vehicle manufacturing. India’s business leaders and manufacturers are now poised to develop and deploy break-through battery technology”, PM Modi added.

Modi says he is asking automotive and battery manufacturers to consider partnering with the Indian Space Research Organization, which has developed battery systems for the South Asian country’s satellites.

To transform India into a driver for the development of electric vehicles, Modi argues that these companies and the ISRO could collaborate to develop cost effective and efficient battery systems for EVs.