Solar Alliance Energy’s “SunBox” will allow new home buyers to add on a solar system to their home in the same way they are able to choose countertops and other home accessories. 

Solar Alliance targeting builders of multi-home communities

Earlier this year, the California Energy Commission ruled that by 2020, builders will have to install solar panels on most new homes in the golden state.

A Vancouver-based solar company, Solar Alliance Energy Inc., says it has developed a product for new home builders that includes a residential solar system along with battery storage or an optional generator for whole home backup.

“With California legislation requiring all new homes to have solar starting in 2020, and other states soon to follow,  the new home segment is one of the fastest growing markets and this program provides a fantastic tool to address that demand,” said Solar Alliance Chairman and CEO Jason Bak.

The permit-ready product is known as “SunBox” and it is designed for architects, new home builders and their customers.

According to Solar Alliance, the primary customer base is developers building large, multi-home communities.  Home buyers will be able to add on a solar system to their new home in the same way they would choose countertops and kitchen appliances.

“SunBox provides residential developers with all of the tools they need to provide their customers with a permit-ready solar package,” said Bak.

“Including solar in the initial home design makes long term economic sense and provides another option for developers to offer their customers. The new home market is massive, and this program allows us to target it strategically.”

Solar Alliance says the SunBox is a new sales channel that will result in higher margins and lower customer costs than a traditional retrofit sales model.  The company says that by standardizing solar modules, inverters and racking systems, customers will see cost savings and Solar Alliance will enjoy improved supply chain efficiencies.

Company VP Harvey Abouelata says “our systems are optimized, monitored down to the individual panel, have a storage component and can be equipped with an optional variable speed whole house generator”.

“For a clean look we use all black panels with all black frames and black railing,” added Abouelata. “We knew we had to design a solar package that was easy to incorporate for architects and builders and deliver high value to the homeowner. SunBox delivers on all of these criteria.”

The company says it will initially offer the standard offer program in Tennessee, followed by entry into the North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and California markets.