Author: Markham Hislop

Robert Reich in Calgary: American progressive economist warns about dangers of Trump-style populism

Robert Reich spoke for an hour, then answered many audience questions. Photo: Markham Hislop Robert Reich says Donald Trump is undermining the post-war international economic system Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s labour secretary, was in Calgary Friday to promote his new book, Economics in Wonderland: A Cartoon Guide to a Political World Gone Mad and Mean, and talk about American President Donald Trump as a “cautionary tale” for Canada and Alberta. Energi News interviewed him about energy policy lessons Albertans can glean from the Trump Administration. Reich spoke to a crowd of about 500 at an event organized by the Alberta...

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Suzuki’s honorary degree is embarrassing to Alberta engineers? Dean Forbes’ response is worse

Prof. Fraser Forbes, dean of engineering, University of Alberta. Photo: UofA. Dean Forbes missed opportunity to explain how oil sands innovation is answering Suzuki criticisms The University of Alberta is conferring an honorary degree upon David Suzuki and certain quarters of Alberta have set their hair on fire in response, while certain other quarters are applauding. Frankly, I’m sympathetic to both views. Suzuki the environmentally-conscious educator and communicator deserves the honour. Suzuki the eco-activist is not only long past his due date, but actively impeding change because of his obstreperous – and highly influential – view of Alberta’s oil...

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HSBC’s new low-carbon lending criteria a boon – not a blow – for Canadian oil and gas industry

Photo: Barry Caruth, Creative Commons license Gradual lowering carbon-intensity of crude oil, operations over long time-frame is real goal of new HSBC lending policy A press release from international banking giant HSBC caused a flutter on Canadian social media late this week as Alberta oil sands and pipeline opponents made political hay with new green lending criteria. Unfortunately, the eco-activists missed the real story, which is that the biggest global economic institutions like HSBC are quietly transforming their business models as an adaptation to the Energy Transition, which is a positive for the Canadian oil and gas industry. The London-based...

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Vancouver completely unhinged over Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline

Vancouver anti-pipeline “analysis” dominated by muckraking fabulists immune to facts, evidence, expert opinion Most British Columbians will no doubt agree that to understand the complexity of an oil pipeline business model, say, one asks an energy economist or some other kind of expert. Not the Vancouver smart set. They prefer novelists, activists, freelance writers, old political hacks, and retread professionals who re-invent themselves as facile authorities whose gibberish is then warmly embraced by the city’s alt-media. Otherwise responsible people circulate this nonsense – Donald Trump tweets composed on the toilet at 3 a.m. are more credible – on social media....

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Hard-nosed Notley boosting support for Trans Mountain Expansion…BC’s biggest concern is tanker spill, response

Scientists say dilbit floats, enough science to craft adequate spill response…why isn’t message getting through to BC? BC Premier John Horgan and his eco-activist and coastal First Nation supporters will be annoyed with a new Angus Reid poll that shows support for the Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline growing across the country, including his own province. But the survey also shows that the BC NDP leader understands his voters’ deepest concerns about the project: the likelihood of a spill off the West Coast and the adequacy of the response. “From a British Columbia perspective, this is less about twinning a...

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