Author: Markham Hislop

‘No more new pipelines’ if Bill C69 passes, despite forecast of 1.6MM b/d more production by 2035, warns industry veteran

First Nations court challenges to pipelines have same characteristic: consultation was “inadequate.” But what does inadequate mean? By Sue L. Blanchard, special to Energi News Veteran pipeline executive Dennis McConaghy told a Global Petroleum Show audience in Calgary on Tuesday that Canada’s new regulatory review process for energy projects has to change or no more pipelines will be built in Canada, despite recent industry forecasts of a 1.6 million b/d boost in production by 2035.  His comments were directed at the Trudeau Government and Environment Canada’s new Impact Assessment Act, which broadens the scope of environmental assessments and gives Environment Canada...

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Jason Kenney wrong when he claims ‘declaratory powers’ can stop BC pipeline obstruction today

Prof. Dwight Newman appearing before the Senate on May 8 Contrary to Jason Kenney claims, invoking declaratory powers would be a minor clarification, assertion of federal authority over inter-provincial pipelines For weeks now, Jason Kenney has been claiming that federal declaratory powers can “over-ride” any BC legal challenges to Trans Mountain Expansion. When Postmedia columnist Paula Simons challenged his claim on Twitter on May 25, he replied, “Before being dismissive, you might want to consult the Senate debates & witness testimony that led to this.” I took him up on that challenge. Turns out the situation is a bit...

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Want to hit Trump where it hurts? Sell Canadian oil to Asia instead of United States

United States is largest consumer of heavy crude oil in the world, imports 2.5MM b/d from Canada Today we’re mad as hell at Donald Trump. The United States is pushing us around like a school yard bully after our lunch money and even Prime Minister Sunny Ways is annoyed. Our instinct is to return fire immediately, but maybe we should step back a bit and think more strategically. We have one thing America still needs and will need for a long while yet: oil. The Canadian oil industry wants more markets in Asia, perhaps we should give them more...

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Economists say there’s an excellent business case for Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline

Regulated tolls, fully subscribed shippers, 15-20 year guaranteed contracts, demand in Asia and other markets, equals solid business case for Trans Mountain operation Did Ottawa negotiate a good deal with Kinder Morgan Canada or was the Trudeau Government fleeced by sharp operators from Texas? Political partisans on both ends of the continuum claim the latter. But economists interviewed by Energi News say Canada paid only a small premium for the pipeline company’s assets and when all the reasons behind the purchase are considered, it’s a very good deal for the country. “I think the economic case is really sound,”...

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Buying Kinder Morgan pipelines solves short-term problems for Trudeau, but creates a mountain of new ones

Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Photo: CBC. Constitutional challenges, First Nations law suits, huge protest movement in Vancouver, regulatory reform still to be dealt with The Canadian Government’s purchase of Kinder Morgan Canada for $4.5 billion answers some questions about the fate of the 590,000 b/d Trans Mountain Expansion project, but it raises others that may not have answers for months, says constitutional expert James Coleman. And the Alberta labour movement is already preparing to pressure governments to stay in the pipeline industry to ensure the construction of more infrastructure that supports expansion of the Alberta oil sands industry. “The...

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