Author: Markham Hislop

There are only two options to end the Trans Mountain Expansion uproar, Prime Minister Trudeau, pick one

If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hasn’t figured it out yet, John Horgan is not backing down over the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Any illusions that the BC premier was simply placating Andrew Weaver to maintain the NDP minority government were dispelled Saturday when the BC government announced it was challenging Canadian authority to assess, approve, and regulate natural resource projects. The lover’s quarrel between Trudeau and Horgan is now a death match and there can be only one winner. The Prime Minister now has only courses of action. But first things first. Q. From Trans Mountain Expansion opponents, why doesn’t...

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Elizabeth May op-ed on Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline a hot mess of misinformation

Photo by Laura Keil, The Rocky Mountain Goat News “National interest” is not straightforward, Alberta Federation of Labour does not oppose Trans Mountain Expansion, not clear that dilbit sinks in marine environment Why should we listen to eco-gadfly Elizabeth May? Well, mostly because the Member of Parliament for Saanich–Gulf Islands is listened to by a significant number of British Columbians. When she writes an op-ed against the Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline, as she did Sunday in the Victoria Time-Colonist, people pay attention – which is why it’s important that May get her facts straight. Her argument in this latest rant...

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BC taking Kinder Morgan pipeline project to court over NEB rulings

At issue is how long municipalities can take to process permit applications before delays infringe federal constitutional powers British Columbia is testing Canadian authority over inter-provincial pipelines in court, according to a Saturday press release. If the BC NDP government of John Horgan is successful, there is a very good chance Kinder Morgan’s $8 billion Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline project will be in peril. The BC government says it has applied for leave to appeal a Dec. 7, ruling by the National Energy Board that allowed Kinder Morgan to bypass City of Burnaby bylaws related to construction work at...

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Almost half of BC supports Trans Mountain Expansion, but up to 10% pledge civil disobedience – MP’s survey

Opposition to Trans Mountain Expansion highest in Metro Vancouver, where biggest protests are expected Thanks to Kennedy Stewart, we now know that not all British Columbians hate the Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline, contrary to the position of Premier John Horgan’s government. The Burnaby NDP MP released a public opinion survey showing the province essentially split on the controversial project (48% support, 44% oppose, 9% undecided), but the real insight is the number of opponents willing to commit acts of civil disobedience in defiance of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approval and support. Almost one in four (23%) opponents say they...

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Western gas producers will have more access to NE USA, Eastern Canada with $2.4 billion NOVA line expansion

Growth of shale and tight natural gas in NW Alberta, NE BC led to “pinchpoints” moving gas to mainline in SE TransCanada Corporation is spending $2.4 billion to expand the  of its NOVA Gas Transmission (NGTL) system to expand exports from Western Canada by one billion cubic feet of natural gas per day (Bcf/d) at the interconnection with its Canadian Mainline. NGTL recently completed an open season for existing and export capacity at the Empress/McNeill Export Delivery Point that was oversubscribed. Shippers have executed binding agreements for 1.0 Bcf/d of expansion capacity for firm service that will commence in...

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